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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Loreto College Online Admission BA BSc Honours Form Course

Loreto College, Kolkata

I.B.V.M (Religious of Institute of Blessed Virgin Mary) recognized Loreto College in Kolkata, in the year 1912. The MARY WARD (1585-1645), who was an energetic English Catholic woman, in the age when the Catholics were mistreated in England, initiated this order. Europe was ragged by the religious disagreement and the women's rights were usually ignored. She was a determined visionary and she managed with help of some dedicated companions, to set schools for the young women. 

In the year 1625, she recognized spiritual order for the women with very strange features. Women religious were generally cloistered, under jurisdiction of local bishop; but Mary Ward imagined very active order by working in society for education for both rich & poor women. She asked for the self-government under the direct Papal jurisdiction. Mary Ward faced disapproval within Catholic Church and restraint of her order, because her plans were well ahead of her times. Nevertheless, she remained influenced that "the women in the future will do much". The second institute, identified as 'Institute of Mary' was recognized in her lifetime however; its Rule was accepted in the year 1703, when the Pope Clement XI affirmed, "Let women be ruled by the women". In 1877, the Pope Pius IX authorized the Institute. In 1909, Mary Ward was openly acknowledged as Founder of this Institute. 

In the year 1841, just one year after grand church devoted to Sacred Heart, was rigid at the Rathfarnham, Priest Mother Ball faced the unusual request. Archbishop of Calcutta named Mgr. Carew, suggested to her the requirement of sending the volunteers to Calcutta. On 23 August 1841, the Reverend Mother Ball approved the request. A group of 12, directed by Mother Mary Delphine Hart, put sail on the September 1, 1841 from the Ireland and attained Calcutta on 29 December 1841. The great civic welcome was held next day, and after the official welcome and spiritual ceremony at Cathedral on the Portuguese Church Street, nuns were passed on to the new residence at the Middleton Row. 

Courses Offered are:

BA Honours 
BSc Honours

Contact Details
Here are the contact details of Loreto College, Kolkata.

Loreto College 
7, Middleton Row 
Kolkata - 700 071  

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