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Saturday, January 1, 2011

ICAR-JRF(PGS) Junior Research Fellowships For Graduate Studies


ICAR Junior Research Fellowships will be awarded to meritorious candidates seeking admission in the Agricultural Universities where Master’s degree programme consists of course work and research work.

Candidates pursuing Master degree programme can also apply for fresh admission and compete for ICARJRF( PGS) provided they have not completed the first year of their postgraduate degree programme. The ICAR-JRF(PGS) would be awarded for two years from the date of registration in the master degree programme.

For graduates with 10+2+3, if admitted and awarded ICAR-JRF (PGS), no fellowship would be payable during 
the first year of their degree program, i.e. while completing remedial courses in the first year. No extension in ICAR-JRF(PGS) duration beyond 2 years will be granted. In case the fellowship allotted to a candidate is vacated for any reason, the same will not be allotted/transferred to any other candidate even if there are candidates next to him/her in the merit in same or other subject group. ICAR-JRF(PGS) awardees of last year(s), even if in merit, will not be awarded ICAR-JRF(PGS) again; however, admission would be granted to them as per their merit rank. Further, if ICAR-JRF(PGS) holder seeks fresh admission, entire amount of fellowship received by him/her shall have to be refunded with interest. The fellowship will be at the rate of s 12,000/- per month for graduates of Veterinary Sciences pursuing Veterinary Studies and s 8,640/- per month in other cases for a period of Two Years together with a Contingent Grant of s 6,000/- per year for procurement of essential chemicals, equipments, books and travel connected with the research work. Not more than 50% of the Contingent grant will be spent for purchase of books. All purchases are to be made with the approval of the Major Advisor/Chairman, Student Advisory Committee. All candidates who have been awarded ICAR-JRF(PGS) have to execute a Bond of s 40,000/- compulsorily at the time of registration at the University.

The admission as well as ICAR-JRF(PGS) will be given to only those candidates who join the Master degree 
programme in the University other than that from where he/she has obtained his/her Bachelor’s degree except at NDRI, Karnal where admissions for 100% seats are made on All India basis through ICAR Entrance Examination. Under no circumstances, change of subject for ICAR-JRF(PGS) will be entertained.



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