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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Utkal University Syllabus Old Question Papers MBA & other courses

Utkal University Distance Education Syllabus Old Question Papers MBA & other courses

Download Syllabus
2year MBA 1st and 2nd semester / 5year IMBA(BBA)1st and 2nd semester / PGDHRM, PGDFM,PGDMM,PGDDNM 1st and 2nd semester

2 year MBA New Syllabus 2009 
2 Year MBA Old Syllabus
5 Year IMBA

Old Question Papers:

Download Previous Year Questions
2yr MBA 1st Semester Question (New Syb)
2yr MBA 2nd Semester Question (New Syb)
2yr MBA 2nd Semester Question (Old Syb)
2yr MBA 4th Semester Major Papers
2yr MBA 4th Semester Minor Papers
2yr MBA 3rd Semester Question (Old Syb) 2008
2yr MBA 2nd Semester (Old Syb) 2008
2 yr MBA 1st Semester (Old Syb)
5 yr IMBA 1st Semester (Old Syb)
PGDFM 2nd Semester (Old Syb)
PGDHRM 2nd Semester (Old Syb)
PGDMM 2nd Semester (Old Syb)
PGDTTM 2nd Semester (Old Syb)
PGDBIM 2nd Semester (Old Syb)
PGDDNM 1st Semester (Old Syb)
PGDHRM 1st Semester (Old Syb)
PGDMM 1st Semester (Old Syb)
PGDTTM 1st Semester (Old Syb)

About Utkal UniversityUtkal University, Bhubaneswar is the oldest university in Orissa and the seventeenth oldest university in India. It is a teaching-cum-affiliating University, that has produced some of the best brains in Orissa. There are at present twenty-six Post-Graduate Departments located in the University Campus for studies and research in various disciplines of Science, Humanities, Business Administration, Social Science, Law and Commerce. The total number of students in the PG Departments of the campus at Vani Vihar is nearly 3,000. This is, in fact, the largest affiliating University in the country with 267 affiliated general colleges, 15 Law colleges, 6 Medical & Pharmacy colleges.

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