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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Best Education Loans in India

Best Education Loans in India

Getting an education loan in India has become very easier because almost every bank offers education loan. There are students who could not afford the fees of higher studies like MBA and engineering courses, which ultimately leads to seeking education loan. Also students who are going for oversees studies opt for education loans. Usually, these education loans come with lower interest compared to other loans. So any students who want to complete higher studies from any top institute can opt for the best education loans in India.

There are different education loans offered by banks in India.  There are certain eligibility criteria for student to get the education loan. This eligibility criteria depends on the amount of loan that is needed by the student. Below is the list of best education loans in India:

Vidya Vardhini Scheme, Bank of India
Finance of Education,  Central Bank
Dena Vidya Laxmi Education Loan Scheme,  Dena Bank
Vidya Laksyapurti Education Loan Scheme, PNB

There are many nationalized banks in India that offers education loans in for students in various interest rates. Right after the entrance exam results are out like CAT/IIT JEE every bank comes up with its education loan plan.  The benefit of taking such loan is the financial support to complete higher studies, easy repayment after getting the job, loan up to 20 Lac can be covered and all academicals expenses are being covered. Both private and public banks offer higher loans on quick procedure which is also a better thing to happen. However, it is important to do have a check over the loan procedure before finalizing it.

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