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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Doon University M.Sc Environmental Studies Admission Form Date

Doon University MSc Environmental Studies

For the development and offering natural resources, cleaner environment play extremely crucial role. With the increasing population thickness and quicker pace of the industrialization, troubles associated to the natural and environment resources are getting the sensitive day by day through the moderately local problems of past like indefensible consumption of the forest degradation, desertification, biological resources, with air & water pollution of problems for today like climate change and global warming. Taking cognizance for increasing the ecological problems and tackling these challenges systematically for development of the country, trained professionals of specialized areas for environmental sciences as well as natural resources are required urgently. So, the SENR (School of Environment and Natural Resources) is devoted to fill that gap. 

School of Natural & Environment Resources intends at meeting the requirements of society by offering advance training for students in the environment as well as natural resources management via a prearranged curriculum having multidisciplinary approach relating latest  advances in fields of chemical, biological, and physical, dimensions of environment. Wherever required, importance will be laid on the geo-morphological, social, ecological, cultural aspects of the mountain ecosystem.

The M.Sc. Program intends of preparing students like trained Environment & Natural Resource scientists, managers, community workers, and policy planners via extensive field related case studies depending on solving the real life problems via courses in chemical, biological, social sciences, bioinformatics, economics, GIS, and remote sensing. It is compulsory for all students to take on one month obligatory Course on the Internship/Field study with one of the stakeholders. Curriculum is made through the brainstorming workshop listen by the researchers and eminent academics from India to address the current natural and environmental resources issues or problems. 

Eligibility & Admission Procedure

For eligibility & admission procedure, please refer to the University website.

Contact Details
The applicants may contact at the following address in case of any query:

School of Environment and Natural Resources
Motharawala Road, 
PO Ajabpur, 

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